Friday, May 31, 2013

With a Sad Heart

Hi Everyone,

  It is with a sad heart that I have to say that I am resigning from my cubmaster position. I have been starting to feel worse since my surgery and because of the health concerns, I feel that I will need to resign. I will still be active in the scouts and help with Den activities. I apologize if this gets anybody upset, as I feel that my health needs to come first especially since the cancer scare I got late last year.

  I will also help out with the new cubmaster when they get picked, as the position is not an easy one.

 Please let all the boys know it is not them the reason I an resigning. They were the main reason I stayed on.

 Whoever take the position over, I wish a ton of luck. I enjoyed my time as cubmaster and was looking forward to the next scouting year.


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hi Everyone,

  Less than one week before our final pack meeting for the 2012/2013 Scouting year!! This will be a pack meeting that we will do alot of different things that will go throughout the year. I am excited about it! We have 1 more den meeting on June 3rd before our graduation campout.

  I will be back on later today to explain more! Thought I would get a post in before I journey to the dealership to see what is causing issues to my wife's van.


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hi Everyone,

  Well, we now have 7 former Webelos 2 that are now Boy Scouts. 6 of them went to Troop 92, and 1 went to Troop 170. The Pack meeting next week will feel empty without them. I have been extremely busy with many other things this past week. I will be at the den meeting, but may not be able to stay.

  Don't forget that we have a Pack meeting on May 20th. We will also have adult leader meeting on the 19th. If you can make it, please show up for this one. We will be discussing what we will be doing during the summer and plans for the next scouting year. There will be some big changes as we move forward.


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hello Everyone,

 This weekend is the Spring campout. I will not be there due to a hockey commitment. I am hoping that alot of the pictures will get posted on the website or on the facebook page. This is the 2 of 3 weeks we have a commitment, with the 4th being in Southern California on Memorial day weekend.

 Well, going to make this a short one. Just a FYI is that we have den meetings this Monday, and then a Monday off for Cinco de Mayo. Look forward to hearing more about the campout!


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fun night yesterday

Hi Everyone,

  Last night we had our first recruitment night. Even though we didn't have the turnout I expected, we all had fun! We had a partial pinewood derby track and the Rain Gutter Regatta out for the kids to try out. The Tigers had a great game,  and the Bears were the hit with their marshmallow catapults! The webelos 1 groups showed off their camping skills!

  We will be having another with the district at Golfland in June.  I want to thank Marianne Woneis and Paul Williams for volunteering their time to help us out.

 Adults, we still need volunteers for the Summer Graduation campout and for the Pack and Committee next year. Please contact Steve Winters or myself if you are interested!


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Monday is coming fast

Hi Everyone,

  Well, Monday is only a few days away. We are having out recruitment drive this Monday at Mt. Olive. We are looking forward to recruiting new tigers, and also new members of the current Tiger, Wolf, Bear, and Webelos 1 dens. My goal is to see 60 kids for next scouting year. We currently have 53, so that is 7 new members we need to sign on! We can do it!

 The Spring Campout is the 26th of April. Those who are going I hope you have a great time! I will not be there due to prior commitments.

  The SJ Giants scout night is June 29th! I will be putting out a list to see who is interested in going. I will also speak to see if we can get tickets to group us all together. It will be a ton of fun!

 Well, I got to spend my birthday (This Saturday) in Ripon for a hockey tournament. I want to get the recruitment event planned before I leave Saturday morning. If anyone is willing to volunteer, please contact me at


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Scout Night

Hi Everyone,

  I wanted to let everyone know we are going to try to get the pack together on June 29th for the SJ Giants Scout night. They have the boys walk around the warning track, present the colors, get to watch a video on the video board, and get a great breakfast the next morning. This would be perfect for the little ones who never have camped out. Tents are allowed, but no stakes.

  I will be announcing this at the recruitment drive. The cost is 23 dollars. I would like to get group tickets so we can all sit together. Please let us know before the May pack meeting, and I will see about picking up tickets.

 I also want to schedule a couple of other events before our Regatta in August. I also want to introduce the new Tigers to the pack, so they can get familiar with all of us. Hopefully we can introduce the new Tiger leaders by then??!!

 Also, we are looking for adult volunteers for next years committee and pack positions. Please let either Steve or Myself know if you are interested.

Have a good evening and see you all on Monday!